Monday, November 15, 2010


I have to say I am grateful for having an open adoption for so many reason. On Oct 28 I was able to talk to my sweet little Angel Evie for her birthday and on sunday Oct 31(2 yrs mark of me signing my rights) I was able to video chat with Evelyn and her family. IT was so great to see them all. Evelyn and Micah are getting so big. Evelyn sang songs to us (well braden she said :) ) I still enjoyed it. For her birthday I got her a cute little dress and sweater and I made her several hair flowers and headbands. I also wrote her annual birthday letter. It was great to talk to the whole family and see them again.

MY reason for this post today is because I recieved a very special card in the mail .. the sender E. Allen addressed to Heather Hatch. The first thing I noticed when I opened the card was the beautiful picture E drew for me, then I noticed it was written from EVIE. ( not from her parent, but from her) and micah helped too. I felt so speical to have my first letter from Evleyn today. She said thank you for her headbands and outfit and for my letter( makes me feel good that D and L are reading my letters to her every year) I know there will be many more to follow in the future.


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