Friday, November 5, 2010

My Child, Their Child

I read this poem in the hospital to Evelyns parents before I left the hospital. This is one of my favorite adoption poems

This is my child, Yet she is not mine-
My flesh and blood, but their sweat and tears-
She caries my genes, Yet will be shaped by their
She lives strong in my heart, but her heart
feels for them-
She lives in my fantasies, my dreams.
and precious reality-
I gave her life, with which she made theirs whole
I learned so much to love her, that I let her go-
My child, their child it doesn't make sense,
Yet at the same time-
My child, my dream for her to have better, then I
could give,
Their child, their dream, to give her better then
I could give,-
My child, so painful, the hurt caused by her
leaving so much grieving,
Yet a world full of happiness in their receiving.
© Heather Corcoran-Schneider

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