Monday, November 1, 2010


The R HOUSE gave a challenge to post about adoption everyday in November.  November is National Adoption Month.  Now I already am not that great at posting on this blog all the time, but I will definitely try to post everyday starting with today.

I am grateful for my open adoption. 2 years ago Oct 31 I signed my rights as Evelyn's Mother. I had a the opportunity to speak in another Ward yesterday about my adoption experience, it was my first time speaking to a large group of LDS men and woman, I am used to speaking to teenagers in high school classrooms. Needless to stay it was a wonderful experience, I felt I was all over the place and rambled on several times, I really hope I made somewhat sense yesterday. I love sharing my story with others as I was older when I placed my little angel.

Also yesterday I got to see Evelyn thru Skype, I have used Skype with my family before but this was a wonderful experience, you see I use to see Evelyn in person until she moved to Boston so her daddy could get his Masters. Evelyn was adorable yesterday, she had on the little dress i bought her for her birthday. She was pretty much into the video thing. She sang Twinkle Twinkle and the ABC song, she was really singing it for Braden, she said it was for was Braden, she does love him :). it was precious to hear her sing and how smart she is. She met our dog Sadie and loved her. I am so grateful for Danny and Lynzie for thinking about me on Evie's birthday on 10/28/2010. I got a sweet call from Lynzie in the am and it was good to hear Lynzie and catch up a bit with her. I talked to Ev to for a second she was busy playing which was fine, I enjoyed talking to Lynzie.

I have a strong testimony of adoption, open adoption. I am so grateful Ev has 2 parents and is sealed to them for Eternity. I know I made the right decision and never regret my choice.


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