Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Daddy

Today is a very special. It’s my daddy's 59th birthday, he was taken from me on Sept 23rd 1986, when i was 3 years old, just a few weeks before I was to turn 4. My father died from blood clots. he was taken at such a young age. He left my mother with 3 yr old twins and my little sister who then was about 2 1/2 years old. I never got the chance to know him, share daddy/daughter dates, have him watch me as I left for my school dances, prom or even walk me down the aisle at my wedding. So many things I missed out on by not having a father. I don't really know who he was except for the stories my mother tells me and seeing pictures. you may find it unusual for me to post about this on this blog but I have a reason for this. As I sit and think about my daddy today and where I might be, who I might be, I can't help but think of my little Angel Evelyn. She has a wonderful Daddy who is there for her and can give her blessing and comfort her when she falls and kiss her ouches. A father that will be there when she gets sealed to a wonderful man in the Temple. I think of what she would have had I chosen to keep her. Her father, a good guy, but he wasn’t able or willing to be there for her. He missed all my dr appts, said he would be there and he never was. He saw me once when I was pregnant and then ignored me for over a week until he decided to call me and tell me he no longer loved me. He couldn’t tell me if he would be around. He did show up when she was born, for this I am glad because I can tell her, her birthfather loved her and held her, but wasn’t ready to be a dad at that time. I am grateful she has a wonderful daddy in her life now that is always there for her, who sets a good example for her. These are the blessing of adoption, creating two parent homes.

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