Monday, January 18, 2010

She Who Is a Birth-Mother

My sweet mother in law brought a book with her this weekend that was given to her mother in law by a dear friend and thought I might like a part of it. Its called “the Sacred Sisterhood of Wonderful Wacky Women” by Suzy Toronto. The author is an amzazing woman who was told one day after emergancy surgery she would never be able to have child. She wasn’t able to have her own but did adopt and wrote a beautiful poem about her son’s birthmother I wanted to share. It really touched my heart and describes my feelings to a core. This road for me truly hasn’t been an easy one, but seeing the joy and love on The Allens face and how happy my daughter is and how much she is a daddies girl truly makes my decision worth it. Its been almost 15 months since I had this angel and its not been easy but well worth it. I love my daughter with all my heart and that’s why I made this deicison soley out of love, not selfishness. The Allens are amazing parents I love them so much.

She Who Is a Birth-Mother

She carries within her a precious, precious life...
One that empowers her to give the unparalleled gift of
Motherhood to another woman.

The choice is not easy.
Such monumental decisions seldom are.
The conflict inher heart tugs backa and forth
As she struggles to let go.
Will her child really be better off?

She closes her eyes
And lifts her face toward heaven…
And she says a silent prayer.

Then she cathes the vision of a family.
A mom, a dad, grandparents,
Aunts, uncles, and cousins,
All weeping with joy over this treasured infant…
The newest member of their family…
The miracle they thought they’s never see.

She softly begins to cry.
With a breaking heart and perfect clarity of mind,
A still-small voice
Whispers her thundering decision…
“It will not be easy,
But it is right”

-Suzy Toronto

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  1. I Love the poem and I could not agree more about the feelings. I just gave my daughter to a wonderful couple that love her so much and I read about how their family and friends are so happy they have a baby now. From what I can tell it does get a little easiers. I am sorry for the acwardness but I am just looking for others like me so I know I am not alone in what I did and get a little help while helping others.