Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Showers

Today I attended my first baby shower since I place my precious little girl and to my surprise once i walked thru the door the warm welcome from my caring friends made it so much easier on me. Baby showers and I have not been good because it broke my heart that I never got one. Now I know I made the choice to place my little girl for adoption but what made it hard for me to attend one was because I planned on raising Evelyn on my own. I decided to place her for adoption when I was 5 months pregnant and my dearest twin sister had already registared me at target and was planning a shower for me… so its been a difficult thing for me… I have had several friends have babies and I have not gone to their shower, so my new resolution this year was to attend ashower and get over that hurdle and show my dear friends love and supprt. Today I am proud of my self. The anticipation of walking thru the door killed me.. I almost didn’t walk in the door, until I texted my dear sister and told her how I was feeling and she gave me words of support and enocourgement and love. I am greatful for all the love and understanding my family and friends show me. I know now how Lynzie would probably feel going to showers and not being able to concieve before she receive my daughter. Woman who are not able to have children of their own suffer a similar grief birthmothers suffer when they place their babies in another womans arms. I am grateful Lynzie can have kids and has my daughter and her new little son who she gave birth to Dec 2nd 2009.


  1. way to go! you set a goal and you accomplished it! one less hurdle to leap over right?! whats next? lol =)

  2. Heather,
    I am the mother of a son who placed a child for adoption. I can never say I know how you feel, but I can say that my own heart was broken when my grandson was given up for adoption. You are such a brave birth mom! My grandson's adoption is open, and I have a wonderful relationship with him and his mom & dad. I don't quite know what I am trying to say except that you are a wonderful person. :)

  3. Heather, I haven't seen you in a while but we met at group. I placed my daughter 16 years ago in a closed adoption. I met her this month after she and her family made contact with me for the first time. This year in my life has been full of blessings. My husband of almost 10 years was baptized and we are preparing to go through the temple in March. He blessed our third daughter (the only one he has been able to bless), and now to reunite with the baby I said farewell to so long ago. The Lord has truly blessed me. When I read your entries I am reminded so much of myself so long ago. Things do get easier and you too will be richly blessed for the wonderful and selfless choices you are making in your life. One thing we all know is that Heavenly Father has guided our choice and carried us through in spite of other wrong decisions we have made. He has faith in us and will comfort us when we are sorrowful. You are not alone and it seems like to me, are blessed with a family who loves and supports you. I am glad to see you doing so well. You touch more people than you know. This last month has shown me the benefits and blessings of a choice I made so many years ago and I believe you will see the same as the years go by. Love, your fellow birth mother Amanda