Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Goals

I am a planning person and person who plans to far in the furture and it drives my family nuts. Once I make a plan to do something it never leaves my thoughts, so here are my goals and things to acomplish before 2010 is over:

1. attend my first baby shower since i found out i was pregnant-- DONE!!
2. Registar for school- finish my degree in Psycholgy.
3. Pursue my dream to work for LDS Family Services and work with Adoptive Couples and Birthmothers
4. Complete Evie first year scrapook
5. Move up within Wells Fargo
6. Visit Spain
7. Go to San Fransico with my hubby
8. Visit Evelyn when Melanie gets home (first time she is meeting her neice)
9. Speak to Bishops in training meeting and to relief societies.
10. Be on the brithmonth Panel at FSA regional and national conference
11. Continue to see the Birthmother Support group grow
these are just a few goals they are not big goals but things i want to acomplish so far in this year


  1. Hey I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I love your pictures and your insight into your adoption story :)

  2. thank you candace. i get alot out of you blog to. thank you for following