Sunday, January 31, 2010

I got an Update I got an Update

I love when i get my updates.. this time it was a short email that The Allens finally updated their blog after a year, but it's ok they had their hands full with Evie and her new baby brother on his way.. their blog is .. here are a few i saved.. she is so big.. today as i was sitting in primary i was realizing that miss evie is in nursery now but end of next year she will be a sunbeam, man time has gone by so fast, its crazy... this first picture is my favorite and the 2nd one i love her eyelashes and they are super long liek mine... she is sooo big and very adorable.

 she was finger painting, mostly eating it...


  1. She won't be a Sunbeam until she's 3, if that makes you feel any better :o)

  2. Hey Heather, its Marci. YES i remember you! how could i forget! i'm glad you are doing well after everything! we need to get together, especially since we are neighbors now!