Saturday, January 15, 2011

2 years 2 months 2 weeks 1 day

(E's Blessing------Laura, me, my mom the allens and Evie)

there isn’t a day that doesn’t go by i don’t think of the angel that touched my life, that changed my life. she has made me who i am today. has changed my life goals. she was a dear blessing to me. I feel very blessed to have an open adoption. i am happy and very content with where my adoption has come thus far. the first year of E's life i saw her quite often, this second year was very different than the first year, the reason being is her family moved to Boston for her daddy to get his Masters degree, at first i was very heart broken they were moving all the way on the other side of the US, but then i remembered this news wasn’t new to me.. i had known all D was planning on going to get his masters and the locations he was looking at.. i knew it would be a little harder her 2nd year because of the move, not seeing her as much, but as the days slowly went by i realized i was ok with this.. i still saw pictures on their blog and read the updates, i didn’t feel that far from her at that point.. in 2010 i saw miss E 1 time and that was right before she moved to Boston. What a very fun day, we went swimming and she sat with me swam to me played with me let me cuddle her when she wanted to be wrapped up in her towel.. i enjoyed every last min. I know i would have seen her a few more time in 2010 had they still been in AZ, but it’s ok. i didn’t think i would be ok with it but i really was. 2011 started off wonderful for me.. i got to play with her at the park, even though it was freezing and she had a few spills on the swing, and i stood and talked to L most of the time, i enjoyed watching her be a little toddler and playing on her own. they come back i believe sometime in May this year. I am very excited for them to be back and i know that if they do move again i will be ok with it because i know they are always thinking of me. She will always be my little angel. what a blessing it is to have a loving open adoption. i have been blessed to be apart of so many special events with E and her family. I am grateful i was there seeing her holding her as she became apart of an eternal family, it brought back memories of when i was sealed to my family at 17 yrs old. this is what i had wanted to give her, something i could not give her.

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  1. Just found your blog through another birthmom! My hubby and I are looking for our baby through the miracle of adoption. All I want you to know is that, even though I don't know you....You are my hero! You have a beautiful story....and a beautiful little girl! Thank you for sharing this:)
    Melissa Kleiner