Tuesday, October 26, 2010

here is my vent, the one and only ever on this blog!

some people jsut need to keep there mouths shut. just because you place a baby for adoption and then get married doesnt mean you an unfit mother and shouldnt be having more kids, now i am not prego, but one day would like to be and have a family of my own with my husband.
this wasnt easy what I did and I hurt and hold it in sometimes. 2 years is coming up and I cant help but think of my little girl everyday, every minute, every second of my day. My choice has affected and hurt alot of people but has anyone ever thought of what i am feeling, how this has affected me, how 2 years affecting me and not having her here in AZ to see her on her birthday. i am throwing it out there WHAT ABOUT ME, WHAT ABOUT MY FEELINGS, THIS ISNT ABOUT YOU ITS ABOUT ME! (I had to get that out). I have had alot of support thru this process but sometimes i feel as though I am suppose to just get over it, well guess what I will never get over it, I will move on, move on with my life and my family, but i will never forget her, or stop talking about and bragging about her. The emotional struggle will get easier, i will alway miss her, BUT I NEVER EVER REGRET MY DECISION, I DID IT FOR HER NOT FOR ME, SHE DESERVES THE WORLD, THE BEST, A MOM AND DAD, ETERNAL FAMILY AND THE PRIESTHOOD, AND SHE HAS IT... SO NO I DONT REGRET THIS CHOICE WHAT SO EVER!.

Thank you to all those who have never judged me and understand my choice, especially my family and closest friends!!!


  1. I started following your blog a while back. I am an adoptive mama. I get similar questions about our daughter's birthmom and get just as angry.
    I believe watching our daughter's mother kiss her goodbye in the NICU was both the hardest and most beautiful thing I have ever experienced. I have never seen such love in all my life! I do my best to inform people otherwise when they say things about birthmothers. You are an amazing woman, and I can think of nothing that makes you less of an unfit mother than trying to make the choice you thought was best for your daughter.


    "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." John 15:13

    Thanks for laying down your life for this little girl...you have showed the greatest love.

  2. Birth mom's deserve more happiness then all of us for what you have done! Don't spend anytime on people who question you or who say mean things.

  3. Hello. I know this was an older post, but I'm a birthmom too and I know exactly what you're saying. My husband and I are now trying to start our own family. I'm 25, I placed my daughter with her adoptive parents 7 years ago and experiencing infertility now. I'm trying to stay positive but it's hard sometimes and people’s comments are unnecessary. Keep your head up!