Sunday, October 24, 2010

2 years is coming up

October has turned into an emotional month. as soon as the heat goes away my mind starts thinking about the days leading up to my delivery of my sweet blessing. i can't help but find my mind wandering at work as i look up at the pictures of Evie and our visits we have together i get teary eyed and have to remember i am at work and some people know about Evie at work but not every one. My team knows and i find myself thinking of the up coming Birthday and I find myself not wanting to bring it up to my teammates and when i get teary i hold back because they don't understand and i have had several not nice things said, so work is hard, i have one lady who's son placed a little girl a few months after i did and i find on my hard days she notices and asks if i am ok and i tell her about Evelyn and share Evelyn's pictures with her and it helps having at least one person at work who understands.. i am so grateful for Evelyn coming into my life when she did,s he has truly blessed my life in so many ways. I miss her everyday and this year is a little harder as she is in Boston and I wont see her for her birthday, i will admit i struggle with that, but i know i wont always get to see and spend her birthday with her, that's ok.  Evelyn I will always love you, your never far from my thoughts.

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