Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Lola Mae

I picked up my baby Lola Mae the day I went into labor with my the other love of my life, Miss Evelyn .. I am having to give away my little kitty, who is only 2 years old because my husband has become very allergic to her and I am giving her to my old roomate Christy who has her friend Levi, I know she is going to a good home but this is very hard for me as I got her to help ease the pain of placing my angel for adoption. She has helped me in my grieving process of Evelyn. I love my kitty but I know she will be okay. I will still get pcitures and updates since I am still good friends with my rommmate. I will miss you Lola I love you and you didn't do anything wrong.

When I decided I was placing my Angel for adoption I knew I had to have something else to take care of, not to replace Evelyn but just to ease the pain of losing a child. She has been a great help to me and I will always love her and everything she did for me. I really believe she helped me through my grieving process and I will always love her..

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