Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Addition!

On December 2 2009 at 8:12pm, The Allens were blessed with Micah Mathew Allen born 7lbs 12oz 21inches. When Daniel texted me I was at work, I was over joyed with emotion and I started to cry, not out of sadness but Happiness, Evelyn has a little brother and The Allens were blessed with another child. I am grateful that Lynzie was able to have children and that Evelyn has a little brother that will protect her. I am so excited to meet him one day.

Many people at work who know I have placed Evelyn for adoption asked me if I was upset or felt lied to by The Allens because she was pregnant, when I was told by The Allens in May this year I was very happy, yes I will be honest I did question MY Heavenly Father why I placed my daughter with them if she was now pregnant, yes there was a small moment that I thought it was unfair, that I want her back, but more than anything I just wanted to hold her... but very quickly I was reminded that we all have our trials, and this was meant to be. I remembered that I didnt place Evelyn cause I didnt want her, but that she need both a mother and a father, she needed the Priesthood, a father who could give her blessings when she was sick, or when she starts school, or just when she feels she needs the comfort and guidiance of a Fathers blessing. I felt a sense of peace in my heart agian that yes this was the right thing. I told them no beacause I know our Heavenly Father has a plan for all of us, and Evelyn was meant for them. I helped them start a family of there own. I know without a doubt that she was theres and that Heavenly Father has us go thru personal trials for a reason, he will never give us anything we can't handle.

I am truely happy Lynzie was able to get pregnant and be blessed with Micah. I know without a shadow of doubt that this was the right choice. I love the Allen with  all my heart. I am gratefull Evelyn is part of an Eternal Family, something I was blessed with at 17 yrs old. I am grateful she didnt have to wait so long to have that amazing gift. I know at this time of year that my gift to Heavenly Father is pure GRATITUDE, Gratitude for trials, even though it feels like we may not make it, Heavenly father knows we will. Gratitude for Open Adoption. I love The Allens and their families, I feel as if they are mine too. I  love them with all my heart.


  1. yay for being a big sister, thats wonderful!!

    on days when it seems unfair just remind yourself, adoption is not about finding a child for a family who wants one, its about finding a family for a child who needs one.

    look at the amazing lil family she has because of your choice, as well as the incredible extended family that includes you and all your loved ones. so much love for a sweet baby girl!

  2. She is lucky to have such a sweet birthmom. I really mean it, Heather. You have such a good heart and I imagine Evelyn will one day marvel at how blessed she is to have TWO such amazing women in her life, each her mother in their own way.