Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The big MOVE!

This week my ANGEL gets to take a wonderful adventure with her family to BOSTON, they will be there for a year. Danny will be going to school for his Masters. My head has been thinking alot lately. I am so excited for them to go to Boston, I knew this was a possibilty, they talked to me about it when I was pregnant. I was ok with this and I am still ok with this. Its jsut going to be a little hard knowing they are a couple thousand miles away. I know they are a phone call away, I know they will update their blog and email me. I know they won't forget about me. Just knowing she isnt 20 mins away is hard. Again I am very excited for the adventures they are going to be experiencing, these are just my thoughts.

I am so grateful to have an open adoption, that while they maybe a couple thousand miles away I know I will still get to see her grow up. I can't believe its going to be 2 years in Ocotber, feels like it was yesterday. The pain is gone, I was told by a fellow BM that it gets easier, she was 6 months into her adoption, and I can say it surely does get easier. Your love for your baby never goes away, it just gets stronger. Seeing how much love she has around her and how much her parents love her and her growth, i mean she is talking and recognizing people, reassures my choice.

I have always known I made the right choice for my Angel, she is exactly where she is suppose to be, The Allens were always meant to be her parents, I knew adoption was a choice long before I knew I was choosing adoption.

I will always love my Angel, there isnt a moment she is thought about or a picture of her isnt looked at.


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  1. This is a great blog and perspective for me to read. Our little bug is adopted and we have an open adoption as well. It brought a huge smile to my face that you have "You'll be in my Heart" as one of your songs...as this was a song that I have played/sung to our girly since birth. What an amazing and wonderful woman you are with a very cute little girl.